Second monitoring survey of the new population of Calendula maritima at Cala Pozzo

The second monitoring survey of the new population planted last February at Cala Pozzo was carried out. After three months, the survival rate is 64%, and continues to be significantly lower than that recorded at the Salina Calcara plant site. Most of the failures seem to be linked to the violent seastorms occurring in March 2021, which deposited a thick layer of decaying leaves of Posidonia oceanica over many young seedlings, causing their death. Most of the plants (87%) show the first clear evidence of water stress. Despite this, 11% of the plants have flower buds and 32% have ripening fruits.

Regarding the two nuclei planted in February 2020, the survival rate remains  around 61%. Currently, almost all of the surviving plants (94%) bear ripening fruits, 77% have flower buds and 57% are still in bloom. Three new seedlings originating from natural dispersal from the planted individuals have been recorded.

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