A3 Exploration of the regional territory to identify reintroduction sites

The analysis of the literature and herbaria data related to the previous distribution of Calendula maritima, associated to information related to the ecological requirements and the location of the target species within the coastal communities (as assessed in Actions A1 and A2), will allow to focus the field activities on restricted areas. The aim is to identify the sites where the target species not only meets suitable pedoclimatic conditions, but is also expected to be able to fit within plant community which can provide good chances of establishment as well as spontaneous diffusion in a medium-long term. Microsites will be preferred that allow C. maritima to eventually spread in the hinterland in response to the foreseen changes in coastal morphology due to sea level rise, according to different global warming scenarios. Based on previous reports from literature and historical sources, the coastal area of Custonaci will be one of the focus areas during the field investigations, in addition to other areas where C. maritima has disappeared in the recent past, such as the Island of Favignana or the coastal area of San Vito Lo Capo and Mount Cofano.

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