A4 Enactment of the Presidential Decree of Protection

The legal protection of the species is the basics for long-term in situ conservation. Therefore, it is necessary to undertake all actions that may ensure the most appropriate level of protection. In order to prevent the further depletion of the target species and the degradation of its natural habitat, the Regional Department of the Environment (DRA) will draw a normative document for the issue of a Decree of the President of the Region, according to Article 11 of the Regional Law n. 16/96 and s.m.i., which will ban the gathering of the target species on specific mapped areas. The law entrusts the Forestry Department with the duties of surveillance and imposition of administrative sanctions according to the current legislation. Due to the great impact that the Decree of the President of the Region will have on the protection of the species, this action must be retained as a concrete conservation action.

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