D1 Monitoring the impact of concrete actions on the conservation status of the target species

The action involves the evaluation of the impact of the concrete actions on the conservation of the target species during the different steps of the project. An annual report will be drawn, highlighting the progress and the main results achieved. These results will be reported to the Steering Committee and provided to the communications manager, who will make available appropriate updates through the dedicated website. The monitoring activity will be performed through the measurement of specific “indicators” specifically defined, whose size and nature is directly correlated with the expected effects of the implementation of each of the respective actions. In particular, for the biological parameters the measurements will be carried out on a periodic basis, according to the type of parameter to be recorded, while for the other actions the qualitative (yes / no) or quantitative evaluation will be sufficient (n° and/or%) (see attached table) in key moments and at the conclusion of the single action.


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