C3 Establishment of new populations according to the Species Translocation criteria

Pilot experiments to reintroduce the target species will be carried out in at least 2 new sites, each1 hectare large, selected according to the criteria described in action A.3. In summary, according to the principles of Species Translocation, the new sites will be chosen first of all based on reasonable evidence of the presence of the target species in previous time. In addition, presumed better conditions for the target species will be evaluated with respect to its current distribution and habitat, also assuming that the new sites could be unlikely reached spontaneously for reasons related to the low dispersion ability of the species or to the presence of barriers (physical obstacles, excessive isolation and/or fragmentation of the habitat of the current populations, etc.). The planting will be carried out using low impact techniques (conservation of existing vegetation with the exclusion of alien species, planting holes made by hand). The planting scheme will follow an irregular distribution, imitating the patterns of the existing populations, and will have the spirit of promoting and accelerating the processes of spreading of the current populations. In each site 30 to 50 nuclei will be created, each consisting of 30-50 new plants. In order to increase the gene flows and therefore the genetic richness at the species level, the use of genotypes from different original populations is desirable at the destination sites. The action will be carried out starting from the third year of activity and will continue for the remaining duration of the project according to the timetable.

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