D2 Monitoring the socio-economic impact of concrete actions on the beach economy

The socio-economic monitoring of the impact of the concrete actions aims at evaluating the evolution of the shore and back shore economies. The sites are in fact concerned by economic activities such as salt pans and seaside tourism; we want to assess, through territorial planning and concrete actions, how the implementation of the project activities affects the local economies, which benefits produced and which detractors did not solve. Bibliographical surveys will be carried out on the economic-statistical data from the archives of the Bodies involved, and qualitative and quantitative questionnaires will be submitted to both the administrations and an audience of users. The survey sheets will be drawn according to the WYSIWYW method in order to determine the degree of awareness of the existing goods and their future intended use. The results of the monitoring will allow to better calibrate both the ongoing actions and the guidelines of the LIFE plan.

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