C2 Reinforcement of natural populations

According to current knowledge, the conservation status of known populations is quite variable, with populations more exposed to degradation and disturbances of different origin, others relatively large but concerned by genetic pollution, others particularly small, but less affected by disturbances due to their condition of isolation and / or their relative distance from areas of intense human impact. Reinforcement actions are necessary to mitigate the trend to decline, and to increase the vigor and stability of current populations, especially for the most depauperated (e.g. Isola Formica and Isola Lunga) and fragmented populations (e.g. Ronciglio), as well as for those expected to have better perspectives of conservation in the medium-long term (e.g. Island of Colombaia). The planting will be carried out using low impact techniques (e.g. conservation of existing vegetation, except alien species, planting holes made by hand, etc). The intervention will concern an area of about 4 hectares. The planting scheme will follow an irregular distribution, as observed in the existing populations, and will follow the principle of creating new expansion units in the vicinity of the existing ones, in order to promote and accelerate the expansion of the current populations. Accordingly, 20 to 30 nuclei will be created, each consisting of 30-50 new plants. In order to increase the gene flows and therefore the genetic richness at the species level, the use of different genotypes from the existing ones is desirable at the destination sites, unless the concerned populations already reveal sufficiently high genetic variability.

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