E9 Networking activities with other projects

The action includes the exchange of know-how and scientific expertise with other subjects involved in national and European projects (ongoing or closed) implemented within programs (including the Life Programme) on issues related or similar to the project in question. We will proceed by steps, as follows:

-1. a preliminary phase of investigation on existing projects as well as activated networks (online databases, dedicated portals, networks of partners involved in the project itself, scientific publications),and the establishment of a mailing list to which a project presentation and a proposal for networking will be sent;

– 2. the creation of a virtual community (with a dedicated space on the project portal) involving the identified subjects and opened to other interested institutions. The network will involve at least one third of the subjects of the identified projects, and it will consist in informing about the CalMarSi project but also in the online publications on the project website of the links of the projects involved in the network. Also on the website, in a special section, the best practices and innovative actions of the identified projects will be presented;

– 3. an operational phase by sending at least 5 newsletters and exchanging information with the panel identified. Furthermore, in the online forum the project managers will present, all along the progress of the conservation actions, the approaches adopted;

– 4. a reporting phase on the input and output of the networking plan.

The networking with other projects will also encourage the creation of new institutional synergies, necessary for the dissemination of the project results in other areas with similar context.


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