A5 Issuing of the guidelines for PUDM e PdU drafting

In order to integrate the needs of protection of SCI / SPA in the PUDM (Plan of use of the Maritime Property) and the PdU (Plan of Use) it is foreseen the drawing up of specific guidelines. The guidelines will address the problem of managing the coastline in broad terms, integrating the different sector plans and allowing a convergence of planning objectives that will bring significant benefits to both coastal habitats and regulated activities. Furthermore, the current Management Plan for the Natura 2000 site “Saline di Trapani and Marsala” drawn up by the Province of Trapani in 2009 is not yet executive. Therefore, since the responsible for the implementation and execution of the activities is the Regional Department of the Environment(DRA), the connection between the activities of the Management Plan and those of the project will be assured.

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