C7 Ex situ conservation in CCG (DRSRT) and diffusion in other conservation institutions

The genetic uniformity of a species and its population size are among the factors that can mostly increase the risk of its extinction. In case of extremely small populations, as for the target species, both factors become crucial for the conservation of a broad and diversified gene pool. For this reason, a sample as wide as possible of the current populations will be preserved outside the sites of origin. Consistently with the results of action A.1, a “copy” of at least 5 individuals for each population will be produced after the second year and cultivated at the facilities of the Marianelli Germplasm Preservation Center (CCG), managed by the Regional Department of Rural and Territorial Development (DRSRT) of the Sicilian Region. Furthermore, the diffusion and the ex situ cultivation of plants obtained from the C.1 action will be carried out in research institutes, botanical gardens, public and private parks, etc.. This action will be started after the third year of the project activities.

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