Monitoring of the reinforcement sites of Ronciglio and Isola Lunga

Monitoring of the two reinforcement sites of Ronciglio and Isola Lunga has been carried out. Compared to the previous monitoring, a slight increase in the mortality rate was detected at Isola Lunga, and currently about 26% of the initial 250 plants have survived. 92% of surviving plants show symptoms of water stress. However, about 5% of the plants have flower buds and are in bloom, while 1.5% have produced seeds. As regards the two sites in Ronciglio, a survival rate of 18 and 35% was found in the intervention to restore the edge of the salt pan and in the reinforcement of the population along the beach, respectively. In both cases, 100% of plants show evidence of water stress, as well as all spontaneous plants. Only a small percentage is still in bloom and none have new flower buds. It should be underlined that the plants introduced along the edge of the salt pan have already dispersed all the seeds, while the ripening phase of the seeds of the flower heads of most individuals growing in the beach is still going on. 

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