Autumn monitoring survey of the new populations at Salina Calcara and Cala Pozzo

The monitoring survey of the two new populations at Salina Calcara and Cala Pozzo was carried out. Nine months after plantation, the survival rate still remains high, respectively 66% and 48%. Thanks to the abundant rain of the last few weeks, most of the established plants are in good health; in fact respectively 60% and 70% of the plants of the two plantations are in bud, 30% and 48% are in bloom and 27% and 51% are in fruit. 

Regarding the populations planted in February 2020 at Salina Calcara and Cala Pozzo, the situation is similar to what was found in the younger plantations. In particular, the survival rates are stable and stand at 55% and 56% respectively, and the plants show a full vegetative recovery with 72% and 89% of the plants in bud, 76% and 82% in flower and 68% and 70% in fruit. A very positive and promising fact for the future survival of the species in the two sites is the finding of many new seedlings germinated after last rainfall events, while plants germinated last year, they are continuously and regularly growing flowers and fruits.

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